Durood E Shifa In Arabic And English Translation

Durood E Shifa In Arabic And English Translation

One of the duroods that is busy being discussed in the midst of the covid19 pandemic is durood e Shifa or commonly also called durood Tibbil Qulub. Then What is the specialty of this sholawat? So many people read this sholawat in the midst of the pandemic. Make sure you read this article to the end, because we will have a complete review of this durood.

History of durood E Shifa

Historical talk is definitely closely related to the following question:

  • Who is the creator of this Sholawat?
  • Did the Prophet advocate this sholawat?

Who is the creator of durood E Shifa(Tibbil Qulub)? 

This was written by an Egyptian cleric, according to legend. Shaikh Ahmad ibn Ahmad ibn Ahmad Al-Adawi Al-Maliki Al-Khalawati Al-Dardir is the cleric in question.
He goes by the name Shaikh Dardir and goes by the moniker Abu Barakat, which means “his father of blessings.”The book Saadah ad-Darain fi Shalat ‘Ala Sayyid Al-Kaunnain by Shaikh Yusuf ibn Ismail contains the composition of Sholawat Tibbil Qulub.

Did the Prophet Muhammad teach this Sholawat?

Regarding this matter, it is still debated because there is indeed not a single hadith of the Prophet related to sholawat syifa.
The imams of the ahlul hadith such as Imam Asy Shafi’i, Imam Malik, Imam Ahmad, none of them narrate in their book of hadith either in the book of Al-um, the Book of Muwaththa, or musnad Ahmad

Reading Of  Durood E Shifa

And here’s a complete durood E Shifa reading in various forms:


Durood E Shifa In Arabic And English Translation


أَللَّهُمَّ صَلِّ عَلَى سَيِّدِنَا مُحَمَّدٍ طِبِّ الْقُلُوْبِ وَدَوَائِهَا وَعَافِيَةِ الأَبْدَانِ وَشِفَائِهَا وَنُوْرِ الأَبْصَارِ وَضِيَائِهَا وَعَلَى آَلِهِ وَصَحْبِهِ وَسَلِّمْ


“Allohumm sholli ‘ala sayyidina Muhammadin, tibbil quluubi wa dawaa-iha, wa ‘aafiyatil abdaani wa syifa-iha, wa nuuril abshoori wa dliyaa-iha, wa ‘ala aalihi wa shahbihi wa sallim.”

English Translation

O Allah bestow your peace and blessings upon our Master Muhammad and upon his Family and Companions, the source of medicine and healing for people’s hearts, the source of health and well-being for people’s bodies, the source of nourishment for people’s souls and the source of light for people’s vision.

Benefits of Durood Shifa

In accordance with the meaning of the name Shifa / Tibbil Qulub is believed to have benefits related to healing, so it is not surprising that during this covid pandemic many people have begun to practice this sholawat. Among the benefits:

1. As a Calming heart

It is well known and frequently said by numerous academics that a Muslim will experience peace of mind if he reads the Sholawat frequently. If people of faith regularly perform sholawat readings, including this sholawat syifa, then all tension and worry will vanish.

2. Cures various diseases

Muslims have had this belief for a very long time, and it seems to reason when one considers the name’s meaning and the reading’s substance that everything is about healing.

3. As a self-defense against disease.

It is also thought to be able to stop the spread of disease in addition to curing the sholawat syifa disease. This is consistent with the first principle, which is heart calmness; if the heart and mind are at peace, the disease will be more difficult to manifest.

4. heart disease medicine

It is a human nature that has liver diseases such as envy, spite, hasud and other despicable traits. In addition to curing physical diseases, Sholawat is believed to be able to cure or eliminate liver disease
That’s the explanation about durood E Shifa In Arabic English Translation And Transliteration that we can share. Hope it can help you.

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