Dua For Entering The House In Arabic English Translation And Translieration

Dua For Entering House In Arabic English Translation And Translieration

Assalamualaikum Muslim friends, as a good Muslim when we are about to enter the house should read prayers. And on this occasion we will share the dua for entering house complete in arabic english translation and transliteration. Therefore, keep reading our article this time until it’s finished.

The Importance Of praying When Entering The House

Carrying out activities every day does not escape the risks such as work accidents caused by disasters and negligence. For every Muslim, planning activities has become part of the daily lifestyle, one of which is doing the five-time prayers that have been scheduled.
In addition to being required to have a person with good morals, a Muslim must be responsible for his life, both for his person and the surrounding community.
Based on the recommendations of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, Muslims are encouraged to always pray in every activity. In addition to asking for protection and safety, it is also so that the activities carried out by Allah SWT.

Reading Dua For Entering Home

Below we share these duas in various forms to make it easier for you


Dua For Entering House In Arabic English Translation And Translieration


بِسْـمِ اللّهِ وَلَجْنـَا، وَبِسْـمِ اللّهِ خَـرَجْنـَا، وَعَلَـى رَبِّنـَا تَوَكّلْـنَا.

English Translation

Bismil-lahi walajna, wabismil-lahi kharajna, waAAala rabbina tawakkalna.


In the name of Allah we enter and in the name of Allah we leave, and upon our Lord we place our trust.

Etiquette Enter The House

Islam is a religion that is very concerned about the affairs of its people, including when returning home there are procedures that must be lived and indeed Islam teaches of course through the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

1. It is advisable to knock on the door

When a Muslim enters his home, it is advised that he knock on the door gently, quietly, or, if there is a bell, lightly ring it.
It is not advised to ring the doorbell nonstop when knocking on the door or the door of the house. because it can make someone uncomfortable and disturb the residents of the residence.

2. Saying Assalamualaikum

If we are about to enter the house, it is best to say hello or Asslamualaikum. Greetings will alert the occupants of the residence that there are visitors outside.
To let the residents of the house know that visitors have arrived, in addition to saying salaam, you can also make gestures like clearing your throat or making mild noises with your slippers or shoes.
In order to increase familiarity between a person and family and to foster affection at home, it is important to welcome one another. This will help everyone pray for one another and spread love.

3. Reciting Dua Entering House

After knocking on the door and saying hello, it is advisable to pray to enter the house as the prayer already written above.

4. Enter with the right foot first

You can enter the house after praying, but it’s best to put the right foot first when doing anything good, including following the Prophet sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam’s commands.

Hadith About Entering Home

  • Abu Malik al-Asha’ri reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “When a man enters his house, let him say: O Allah, I asked you for the good of this entrance and exit, in the name of Allah I enter and in the name of Allah I leave, and upon Allah our Lord we rely. Then let him greet his family with peace.”Source: Sunan Abī Dāwūd 5096
  • Rib’i reported: A man from the tribe of ‘Amir sought permission to enter the home of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him. The man said, “May I enter?” The Prophet said to his servant, “Go out to this man and teach him how to ask permission to enter. Tell him to say: Peace be upon you, may I enter?” The man heard this and said, “Peace be upon you, may I enter?” Then, the Prophet gave him permission to enter.Source: Sunan Abī Dāwūd 5177
That’s the explanation about dua for entering houses that we can share, in the previous post we had time to share dua when leaving home that you can also read. hopefully, what we share can be useful for all of you. lastly may we always be in the protection of  Allah SWT.

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