Dua Between Two Sujood In Arabic, English And Transliteration

Dua Between Two Sujood In Arabic, English And Transliteration

Reciting dua when sitting between two sujood is sunnah. On this occasion we will share a dua between two sujood complete in Arabic, English and transliteration.

About Sitting Between Two Sujood

Sitting between two prostrations is the first sitting before tasyahud, or movements performed after the first prostration. Sitting between two prostrations is one of the pillars of prayer, namely Tuma’ninah. The way to do it is to spread the back of the left leg on the floor, and occupy it. Then the right foot is enforced and his fingers face the qibla.

Sujood is one of the pillars of prayer that is done twice in each raka’at of prayer. Likewise, sitting among them (prostrate) is also a pillar of prayer. So, sujood and sitting between two prostrations should not be left in prayer because it is one of the pillars of prayer.

Dua Between Two Sujood

Below is a dua reading taught by Rasulallah PBUH in various forms

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Dua Between Two Sujood In Arabic, English And Transliteration

Dua Between Two Sujood Arabic

رَبِّ اغْفِرْ لِي وَارْحَمْنِي، وَاهْدِنِي، وَاجْبُرْنِي، وَعَافِنِي، وَارْزُقْنِي، وَارْفَعْنِي

Dua Between Two Sujood Transliteration

“Rabbighfir lee warhamnee, wahdinee, wajburnee, wa ‘aafinee, warzuqnee, warfa’nee”

Dua Between Two Sujood English Translation

“Lord, forgive me.have mercy on me, guide me, support me, protect me, provide for me and elevate me”

Dua Between Two Sujood Hadith

1. Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas: The Prophet PBUH used to say between the two prostrations:
اَللَّهُمَّ اغْفِرْ لِيْ وَارْحَمْنِيْ وَاهْدِنِيْ وَعَافِنِيْ وَارْزُقْنِيْ
“Allaahummaghfirlee, war-Hamnee, wahdinee, wa ‘AAfinee, warzuqnee”
“O Allaah, forgive me, have mercy on me, guide me, heal me, and provide for me.”
(Abu Dawood Book #3, Hadith #0849)
2. It was narrated from Hudhaifah (ra) that: He prayed with the Prophet PBUH one night and he heard him say………..And between the two prostrations (he Sollallaahu ‘Alayhi wa sallam said):
ﺭﺏ ﺍﻏﻔﺮﻟﻲ ﺭﺏ ﺍﻏﻔﺮﻟﻲ
Rabbighfirlii, Rabbighfirlii
(Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me).”
His standing, his bowing, when he raised his head from bowing, his prostration and the time between the two prostrations, were almost the same.
Praying when sitting between two prostrate even though the law of sunnah must still be done because the dua will be prayed by Allah SWT, so do not let you leave the dua.
Such is the explanation of the dua between the two sujoods that we can share, hopefully with this article can help you who do not know the dua so that later the prayer you do becomes perfectly. Finally, may we all always be in the protection of Allah SWT. ameen.

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